The King presents a new standard to Regiment I 19

The King presents Regiment I 19's new field standard.

The King presents Regiment I 19's new field standard. Photo: Viktoria Szakacs/The Swedish Armed Forces

On Saturday 7 September, The King presented a new standard to Norrbotten Regiment (I 19) in Boden.

During the ceremony, which took place on Garrison Day, The King presented the new field standard to Colonel Jonny Lindfors, Commander of Norrbotten Regiment.

The King also gave a speech, in which he said:

"Hundred-year-old Boden, with its fortress and garrison, has long been a cornerstone in the defence of the nation. And so it remains.

"Protecting Sweden and defending the freedom of the nation – this is the task of the Swedish Armed Forces. However, carrying out this task to the best of its ability requires cooperation.

"It is therefore pleasing to see that Garrison Day has brought together representatives from many sections of society: from the garrison's units and staff to the municipality and other partners."

The ceremony also included an oath of allegiance and prayers.

Photo: Viktoria Szakacs/The Swedish Armed Forces

Field standards

The units of the Swedish Armed Forces are assigned new field standards when, for example, they are newly formed or reorganised, or when the old standard has become worn out. Field standards are the collective name for banners, standards, dragoon banners, three-tailed Swedish banners and three-tailed Swedish ensigns (in the navy, the three-tailed banner is called an ensign) and command ensigns/command emblems.

The original role of the field standard was to show the location of a particular unit during combat.