The King opens The Thinking Hand

On Thursday 27 April, The King opened the drawing exhibition The Thinking Hand at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. Ten selected draftsmen's contributions are on display in Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities.

A total of 283 contributions were submitted to The Thinking Hand – HM The King's Scholarship Competition for Young Draftsmen, by artists, architects, illustrators and game designers. Ten draftsmen's contributions have now been selected and are on display in Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities.

Artist Cecilia Hultman talks about her contribution. Photo:

During a ceremony in the Bernadotte Library, The King opened the exhibition and said: "My grandfather, King Gustaf VI Adolf, had a genuine and lively interest in art. Not only did he collect the works of established artists, he also followed new talent with great interest. […]

"Among these drawings, around a thousand in total, there are many winning contributions from the Young Swedish Draftsman scholarship competition. This was an annual artistic tradition for my grandfather. But it was also an opportunity to showcase and encourage talented Swedish artists from the younger generation. I clearly recall the exciting spring exhibition.

"It is very pleasing to me to see how this tradition is now being taken up again – in a new form for a new time. And, of course, it is particularly pleasing that the exhibition is being held here at the Royal Palace of Stockholm."

The King speaks with artist Rasmus Richter. Photo:

The nominated draftsmen exhibiting in Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities are: Naima Callenberg, Love Dahlstedt, Ester Eriksson, Cecilia Hultman, Rasmus Richter, Roger Smeby, Assar Tallinger, Sara Wallgren, Elisabeth Widmark and Cedric Jaques Yu.

A jury will assess the drawings, and three scholarship winners will be chosen. The winners will be announced on 6 June.

The Thinking Hand will be on display from 28 April to 25 June in Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities.

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The King watches animator Assar Tallinger's work. Photo:

About The Thinking Hand – HM The King's Scholarship Competition for Young Draftsmen

A scholarship fund was established on The King's birthday in 2016 by Elisabeth and Gustaf Douglas to support young professionals who work with draftsmanship. The competition is open to young draftsmen working with visual interpretation within art, architecture, fashion, design, illustration, games development or other related fields.

Three scholarship recipients are named, each receiving SEK 100,000. The aim is to recognise specific knowledge and the interaction between eye and hand, in order to develop thoughts about visual interpretation and to enhance its status.

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts is arranging the competition in association with the Royal Court. The Thinking Hand will be an annual event.