The King awards the Vega Medal

On Wednesday 24 April, The King presented the Vega Medal to Professor Emily Martin during a ceremony at the Royal Palace of Stockholm.

The Vega Medal was instituted in 1880 by the Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography External link, opens in new window. (SSAG), of which The King is the highest patron. In accordance with the society's regulations, the medal is awarded to "people who have promoted geographical research in an excellent manner".

This year, the medal was presented to Emily Martin, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at New York University, USA. Professor Martin received the medal for her contributions to anthropology as a subject in her many books and articles.

One of her best known books is her 1987 work 'The Woman in the Body: a Cultural Analysis of Reproduction', in which she uses feminist analyses combined with ethnographic studies, science and medicine.

About the Vega Medal

The Vega Medal is awarded on the anniversary of the arrival of the SS Vega in Stockholm on 24 April 1880. The SS Vega was the vessel used by Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld on the Vega Expedition External link, opens in new window. of 1878-1880. The aim of the expedition was to sail through the North-East Passage, and this was achieved. King Oskar II helped to finance the expedition.