The King and Queen visit the Swedish Security Service

On Thursday 11 January, The King and Queen visited the Swedish Security Service's head office in Solna to find out about the work carried out by the authority.

The Swedish Security Service protects Sweden's democratic systems, the freedoms and rights of its citizens, and national security. It does so by preventing and investigating crimes against national security, fighting terrorism and protecting the central leadership of the state.

During Thursday's visit to the head office in Solna, Director-General Anders Thornberg explained to The King and Queen about the authority's organisation and the challenges faced by the Swedish Security Service.

During a tour, The King and Queen also had the opportunity to meet employees.

The Swedish Security Service

The Swedish Security Service has been an independent authority since 1 January 2015, when the National Police Board and the police authorities were reorganised to create a single authority. Sweden thereby had two police authorities: the Swedish Police Service and the Swedish Security Service.

The Swedish Security Serviceexternal link, opens in new window has around 1,200 employees. They are mostly based in Stockholm, but the authority also has regional offices in Umeå, Uppsala, Örebro, Linköping, Gothenburg and Malmö. Around half the Swedish Security Service's employees are police officers. Their roles include working as bodyguards, investigators and detectives. Several other professions are also represented within the authority, including analysts, technicians, translators, economists, lawyers, interpreters and administrators.