The King and Queen attend World Music and Food at Stenhammar

The King and Queen at the World Music and Food event at Stenhammar.

The King and Queen at the World Music and Food event at Stenhammar. Photo: Sara Friberg/The Royal Court of Sweden

On Sunday 1 September, The King and Queen attended the World Music and Food event at Stenhammar.

Stenhammar is an agricultural and forestry estate run by The King. The public were invited to Stenhammar for a day of musical entertainment and food from around the world.

Photo: Pelle T Nilsson/SPA

The day began with The King giving a speech, in which he said:

"According to the saying, 'A stranger is only a friend you haven't met yet'. I believe this is worth thinking about.

"As I look from the stage, I see old, new and future friends. It is wonderful to see so many people! Thank you for coming here today."

Photo: Pelle T Nilsson/SPA

Performers on stage included Flen World Orchestra, an integration and music project.

The event was arranged by Stenhammar Estate, Lida Farm and Flen Municipality.

Photo: Pelle T Nilsson/SPA

About Stenhammar

Stenhammar is located in Södermanland, just outside Flen. Here, modern agriculture and forestry are carried out. Stenhammar was left to the Swedish state in 1903 in the will of Robert von Kræmer, to be used by a member of the Royal Court and with right of inheritance to the Crown. Prince Wilhelm was the first state tenant at Stenhammar until his death in 1965, when tenantship was taken over by the then Crown Prince Carl Gustaf.

Stenhammar Palace.

Stenhammar Palace. Photo: Pelle T Nilsson/SPA