The King and Prince Carl Philip attend Aurora 17 in Södermanland County

On Tuesday 26 September, The King and Prince Carl Philip visited the Swedish Armed Forces' Aurora 17 exercise in Västerljung and Fyrudden.

The King and Prince Carl Philip spent the day getting an insight into the Second Amphibious Regiment's defence exercises, and observed the exercises on board the minesweeper HMS Ven.

The morning began with a review of the day's exercises. Photo:

Aurora 17 was the biggest exercise to be carried out in Sweden for more than 20 years. All the armed forces and more than 19,000 men and women – of which a quarter are from the Home Guard – took part. Several authorities and 2,000 military personnel from the USA, Finland, France, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark and Norway were also involved.

The exercise was carried out in the air, on land and at sea. Units from the whole of Sweden were involved, but the main exercise areas were in the Mälaren Valley and Stockholm, on and around Gotland, and in Gothenburg.

Aurora 17 ran from 11 to 29 September.