The Crown Princess visits the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

On Monday 9 April, The Crown Princess visited the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency in Stockholm.

The Crown Princess was welcomed to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency by Director General Björn Risinger, who began by talking about the agency's aims and about the national environmental quality targets and Agenda 2030.

The Crown Princess then learnt about the agency's work relating to the climate, mountain safety, plastics and textiles, and ecosystem services. The Crown Princess was also given a tour of the agency's premises and met employees.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agencyexternal link, opens in new window is a state agency for environmental issues, and works on behalf of the Swedish Government with environmental issues within Sweden, within the EU and internationally.

The agency is a driving and coordinating force within environmental work, and is responsible for issues relating to the climate and air, soil, biological diversity, polluted areas, waste cycles and waste, environmental monitoring and environmental research.

The agency works to ensure that the generation targets for environmental work set by the Riksdag are achieved, and if necessary proposes environmental development measures.