The Crown Princess' name day is celebrated in the Inner Courtyard

On Sunday 12 March, The Crown Princess' name day was celebrated in the traditional manner at the Royal Palace of Stockholm.

The celebrations began with a tribute concert by the Life Guards' Dragoon Music Corps, who performed the Swedish Armed Forces' Parade March, also known as Queen Victoria's Presentation March or the Swedish March.

The Standard Guard from the Life Guards, the Guard of Honour from the Life Guards, the Main Guard and the Life Guards' Dragoon Music Corps took part in congratulating The Crown Princess. Photo:

Music performed during the concert also included The Duke of Västerbotten by Per Berg, and Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson in an arrangement by David Björkman.

The concert concluded with With A Simple Tulip and four cheers, followed by the Victoria Fanfare and the presentation of flowers by the Music Corps, the Guard of Honour and the Main Guard to The Crown Princess.

The Crown Princess Family during the name day celebrations. Photo:

The Crown Princess greets the well-wishers who had gathered in the Inner Courtyard. Photo:

The celebrations concluded with The Crown Princess meeting and greeting all those who had come to take part.

The day began with The Crown Princess holding an audience with the Royal Flower Foundation, which presented a cheque for the Victoria Fund. The Royal Flower Foundation is a non-profit association that raises money for Crown Princess Victoria's Fund through various campaigns. The fund is administered by Radiohjälpen and works for children and young people in Sweden with disabilities and/or chronic diseases. Photo: