The Crown Princess celebrates Borås's 400th anniversary

The Crown Princess's speech was broadcast from Haga Palace.

The Crown Princess's speech was broadcast from Haga Palace. Photo: Sara Friberg/The Royal Court of Sweden

On Tuesday 29 June, The Crown Princess, Duchess of Västergötland, took part in the digital celebrations for Borås's 400th anniversary.

The town of Borås celebrated its 'birthday' with an official anniversary broadcast directed by Sarit Monastyrski. The ceremony included the launch of a project to develop a five-kilometre linear park to link the town's various districts.

In her speech, The Crown Princess said:

"A town – your town – is so much more than just a place. It is layer upon layer of history, the present and plans for the future. It is the result of many generations' work, efforts and dreams. Your town and all the people who have lived there, all those who live in Borås today, and all those who will live there in future."

Borås's 400th anniversary

The town of Borås was founded in 1621 as a church village called Torpa. A royal proclamation dated 29 June 1621 confirmed its foundation. Since King Gustav II Adolf was abroad when the town was founded, he granted Borås its town charter the following year, on 25 May 1622.