Prince Daniel attends Prince Daniel's Entrepreneurial Day

On Thursday 30 March, Prince Daniel took part in Prince Daniel's Entrepreneurial Day. For the third time, the event brought together young entrepreneurs from all around Sweden for an inspiration day arranged by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) and Prince Daniel's Fellowship.

Around a hundred young entrepreneurs had been invited to Prince Daniel's Entrepreneurial Day, which was held at the IVA in Stockholm. The aim of the day was to inspire young entrepreneurs, to build networks and to discuss experiences of entrepreneurship together. Lina Gebäck, Jacob de Geer, Ashkan Pouya and Elin Kling were a few of the experienced entrepreneurs who attended the day to provide inspiration.

In the Wallenberg Room, Prince Daniel welcomed all those present and said: "Many people talk about creating jobs, but few people talk about the people who actually do it: you, the entrepreneurs. [...] It has never been easier to start a business, to reach out, and it has never been cheaper to market yourself. Despite that, too many young people don't take that step due to a fear of failing. So I'm delighted – together with the IVA, our inspirers, our mentors and our financial backers – to be able to run the Prince Daniel's Fellowship programme, giving upper secondary pupils the chance to meet sources of inspiration."

Round-table discussions were then held during the afternoon, during which the young entrepreneurs spoke with inspirers about subjects such as internationalisation, ownership and administration issues.

Prince Daniel and Marcus Wallenberg during the afternoon's discussions. Prince Daniel's Entrepreneurial Day was launched in 2014 to boost interest in entrepreneurship. Photo: Erik Cronberg

About Prince Daniel's Fellowship

The aim of Prince Daniel's Fellowship and its entrepreneurial programme is to inspire young people to become entrepreneurs, and to support a number of companies through mentoring. The project is a long-term partnership between Prince Daniel and the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciencesexternal link, opens in new window. The project was launched in January 2013.

Prince Daniel's Fellowship has brought together a group of successful entrepreneurs and managers to form a council of experts who visit upper secondary schools, universities and university colleges in Sweden to inspire young people and to talk about their experiences as entrepreneurs.

About IVA

The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) was founded in 1919, and is Sweden's second youngest academy. The Riksdag discussed the need for a state research institute focusing on fuel and power issues in 1916. However, the scope soon grew to include all technological scientific research, and in 1919 the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences held its first meeting at its premises on Grev Turegatan in Stockholm.