The King discusses wood construction in Västerbotten

On Wednesday 12 September, The King visited Bygdsiljum and Skellefteå in Västerbotten to find out more about the opportunities and advantages of building homes from wood.

The visit began at Martinssons, a company based in Bygdsiljum. There, discussions were held on the conditions required for industrial wood construction and the opportunities for using Swedish forest materials to build climate-friendly homes in a sustainable manner. The King was also given a tour of the production facilities.

Photo: Ulrika Nihlen/Folkhem

In Skellefteå, The King visited Morö Backe School. The school was built using solid wood from the forest around Bygdsiljum. During the visit, representatives from the school and the municipality explained that a link has been seen between good school results and a pleasant school environment made from wood.

At Morö Backe School. Photo: Ulrika Nihlen/Folkhem

The King visits Ekorren car park. Photo: Ulrika Nihlen/Folkhem

There then followed a tour and presentation of Ekorren car park – an example of how wood can be used in modern infrastructure projects.

The day concluded with a visit to the Zero Sun pilot house, a modern villa that is self-sufficient in terms of solar energy, even during the darker months of the year.

During the visit to the Zero Sun pilot house, The King thanked those who had been involved in the day. Photo: Johan Tegel/