HRH Princess Adrienne Josephine Alice, Duchess of Blekinge

On Monday 12 March, a Council of State was held at the Royal Palace on the occasion of the birth of Princess Madeleine and Mr Christopher O'Neill's third child.

At the Council of State, HM The King informed the Government that the Princess will be named Adrienne Josephine Alice, and known as Princess Adrienne.

The Princess has been granted the Duchy of Blekinge.

A statement of witness was drawn up at the Royal Palace of Stockholm earlier in the day, as is traditional on the occasion of a royal birth. Speaker of the Riksdag Urban Ahlin, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, Marshal of the Realm Svante Lindqviset, Mistress of the Robes Kirstine von Blixen-Finecke and consultant physician Sophia Brismar Wendel were the witnesses.

Council of State

On the occasion of a royal birth, a Council of State is held. The King convenes the Council of State in accordance with Chapter 5, Article 3 of the Instrument of Government, which states that the Government shall hold a Council of State chaired by the Head of State.

At the Council of State, The King informs the Government of the title, name, given name and assigned duchy of the heir to the throne.