The King and Queen at the Global Child Forum in São Paulo

On Tuesday 4 April, The King and Queen attended the Global Child Forum's regional forum in São Paulo. During the visit to Brazil, The King and Queen also had a number of other engagements such as trade relations meetings and visits concerning children's rights.

Monday 3 April

On the Monday afternoon, The King attended the Brazil-Sweden Business Leaders Forum held in São Paulo. The Forum convened executives from both countries to discuss Swedish-Brazilian trade relations

The King opened the meeting and emphasised the countries' long-standing and productive bilateral relations. Some 200 Swedish companies are currently operating in Brazil and employ around 70,000 people in the country. The King regarded the Forum as an excellent opportunity to further deepen bilateral ties and discuss joint challenges, and stressed the importance of making concerted efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

You can read The King´s speech here. (In English)

The King and Queen's first day in Brazil concluded with a reception hosted by São Paulo's Governor, Geraldo Alckmin, and which was also attended by the President and the First Lady of Brazil.

Global Child Forum, Tuesday 4 April

On the Tuesday, The King and Queen attended the Global Child Forumexternal link, opens in new window, which was hosted in association with UNICEFexternal link, opens in new window and Childhood Brasilexternal link, opens in new window.

The forum was attended by more than 350 leaders and experts representing business, government, academia and civil society. The topic was Investing in Every Child and an appeal to business leaders to respect and support children's rights, and to shed light on the important link to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the promotion of societal and economic development in the region.

The Forum highlighted best practices in how business can ensure that children's rights are integrated in investments made for a sustainable future. Photo: Global Child Forum

The Global Child Forum was initiated by the Royal Family in 2009, and is an independent platform that brings together world-leading players for in-depth dialogue and to raise awareness of children's rights. The aim is to identify solutions to the most pressing issues when it comes to businesses' opportunities to influence children's rights.

The King gave an opening address in which he spoke about the Forum's focus on children's rights in South America. This is a region with more than 420 million inhabitants, of whom almost 25 per cent are children under 15. The King stressed that, when it comes to the health, safety and wellbeing of children, there is no room for modest ambitions, and that we have an obligation to strive for the best. Governments and NGOs are important actors for children’s rights. However, to achieve lasting progress, companies too must get involved. Business is an engine – not only for economic growth but also for social prosperity.

You can read The King´s speech here. (In English)

The King is the Honorary Chairman of the Global Child Forum. Photo: Global Child Forum

Speakers at the event also included Luis Alberto Moreno, President of the Inter-American Development Bank; Clara López Obregón, Minister of Labor of Colombia; Marta Santos Pais, Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General on Violence against Children; María Cristina Perceval, UNICEF Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean; Paul J. Sistare, Founder and Chairman of Atlantica Hotels International and Mike A. Parra, Chief Executive Officer, Americas at DHL Express.

The event included panel debates and workshops linking children's rights issues with the corporate agenda.

The report Children’s Rights and the Corporate Sector in South America was launched at the Forum. The report on the study conducted by Global Child Forum and Boston Consulting Group shows how South America's largest companies report on their efforts to address children's rights. Its purpose is to indicate risks, opportunities and best practices and to urge companies to integrate key issues linked to children in their core business.

The Queen delivered the closing remarks at the Global Child Forum in São Paulo. Photo: Nacho Doce/Reuters

The Queen's closing remarks at the Global Child Forum urged business leaders to bring their influence to bear in countering injustice, identifying opportunities and acting as agents of change; that regardless of sector and position, they can contribute to a better world for children and young people by Investing in Every Child.

Read The Queen´s speech here. (In English)

Wednesday 5 April

On the Wednesday, The King visited the Saab and Embraer facility in Gavião Peixoto, the centre for development of the new Gripen NG programme. The King also met with young Swedish entrepreneurs operating in Brazil for round-table discussions at the Swedish-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce.

The Queen hosted round-table discussions on partnerships between Swedish and Brazilian actors in elder and dementia care. The Queen also visited Hospital Pérola Byington.

Thursday 6 April

On the Thursday, the King and Queen attended a luncheon event with Brazil's President and First Lady and members of the Brazilian Government.

The programme also included a visit to the Swedish Embassy and Centro de Atendimento Integrado 18 de Maio, a crisis centre for child victims of sexual abuse that employs the Childhood Methodology.

The engagements in Brazil concluded with a visit to the Superior Court of Justice, where the focus was on the appointment of the permanent commission for children's rights issues.