The Crown Princess walks through Västergötland

On Saturday 9 September, The Crown Princess's walks through the provinces of Sweden began in Västergötland. Prince Daniel also took part in the walk, which followed the pilgrims' trail between Varnhem and Lake Hornborga.

The Crown Princess will take part in walks through all of Sweden's 25 provinces. She will spend a day visiting each province and will thereby experience different parts of Sweden over the course of the seasons, highlighting the treasures of the Swedish countryside for all to see.

The Crown Princess and Prince Daniel at Billingen Plateau. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT

The first walk took part in Västergötland, The Crown Princess's duchy. Prince Daniel is Duke of Västergötland, and also took part in the walk. The Crown Princess Couple's day began at Kata Church Estate.

Children from the Swedish Outdoor Association made a bullroarer and demonstrated how it works. Photo: Kaffegruppen

The walk followed Billingen, a mesa plateau. The plateau is 23 km long and 11 km wide. It is home to many pine forests and bogs, with deciduous forests and many types of herbs growing on the slopes. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT

Kata Church Estate
During excavations of the hill behind the abbey ruins in Varnhem, archaeologists discovered finds that tell us about the location from the time before the arrival of the monks in the 12th century. The ruins here are from one of Sweden's oldest churches, a private church estate dating from the Viking period. It is surrounded by older Iron Age burial mounds, showing that the history of the estate dates back to ancient times. The area is called Kata Church Estate after the woman who oversaw the estate during the late Viking period.

The walk then followed the pilgrims' trail between Varnhem and Lake Hornborga, stopping off at locations including Heljes Farm.

At Heljes Farm, The Crown Princess tried her hand at ploughing with horses. The farm traces its roots back to the 19th century, and has been turned into a museum farm. Here, farming is carried out using early 20th century techniques. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT

At Lake Hornborga. Photo: Kaffegruppen

Lake Hornborga
Lake Hornborga is one of Europe's most important lakes for bird life, and is particularly famous for the annual dance of the cranesexternal link, opens in new window. Since 1999, the lake and the surrounding area have been designated a nature reserve.

The Lake Hornborga Visitor Centreexternal link, opens in new window on Fågeludden was opened in 1986 when restoration work began, marking the rebirth of the lake. In 2014, extensive internal rebuilding work was carried out at the visitor centre, including the creation of a new exhibition. On 21 March 2015, the building and the lake were reopened. An exhibition at Lake Hornborga Visitor Centre details the history of the lake and its bird life.

The Crown Princess releases a newly ringed Eurasian blackcap at Lake Hornborga Visitor Centre, where the day's walk ended. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT