The Crown Princess carries out a walk in Västerbotten

On Friday 6 October, The Crown Princess carried out her second walk through the provinces of Sweden in Västerbotten. The day began at a spontaneous sports facility in Norsjö and concluded in the Vitberget nature area in Skellefteå.

In the morning, The Crown Princess arrived in Norsjö and was met by pupils and teachers at the school before walking together to Arena Park. There, a ceremony was held which ended with The Crown Princess opening the Arena Park spontaneous sports facility.

Arena Park in Norsjö
Norsjö Municipality has built a facility to promote spontaneous sports. The facility was created following requests from the municipality's residents and because it is more important than ever before to encourage children to take part in spontaneous sports. Children and young people in Norsjö were involved in designing the facility, which includes a multi sports arena, a skate park, an obstacle course, and outdoor gym and many other functions. It is intended to attract children and young people to take part in spontaneous sports and games.

At the Vitberget area. Photo:

In the afternoon, The Crown Princess walked in the Vitberget nature area, Skellefteå's main exercise and recreation area.

The Vitberget area is located around the peaks at Vitberget and Nöppelberget. Within a short distance, visitors can wander through barren rocky landscapes with pine forests that are hundreds of years old, enclosed and open spruce forests, and boggy areas. There are also sparse pine forests with tall, straight trees and a few forest meres. The entire area is ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities.

The Crown Princess rides a mountain bike in Vitberget. Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT


Province animal: Curlew
Province flower: Moor-king lousewort
Inhabitants: Just over 220,000 

Although 'väst' means 'west' in Swedish, the province of Västerbotten is located along the east coast of Sweden. The misleading name comes from the original province of Västerbotten, which up until 1809 consisted of the current county of Norrbotten and part of Finland, to the west of the historic province of Österbotten in Finland.

The Crown Princess's walks through the provinces of Sweden

In autumn 2017, The Crown Princess began a series of walks through the provinces of Sweden. These walks began in Västergötland in Septemberopens in new window, and will be carried out over the coming years.

The Crown Princess aims to discover new parts of Sweden during different seasons, and to showcase the wonders of Swedish nature for all those who live and work here.