The King and Queen visit Fryshuset

On Friday 2 December, The King and Queen visited Fryshuset to attend a seminar on Fryshuset and young people's situations. The seminar was part of Fryshuset's gift to The King to commemorate his 70th birthday during the spring.

The King and the Royal Family have followed Fryshuset's work for many years. The King and Queen have visited Fryshuset as part of many state visits, showing visiting heads of state what the organisation does.

The morning began with the theme of role models and faith in the future. The discussion focused on issues such as the current unexpected drop in crime in the Western World. At the same time, there has been an increase in the number of violent crimes and in insecurity in socioeconomically vulnerable areas.

Discussions then turned to youth culture and how it can contribute towards strengthening democracy by working actively with values, equality and equal treatment.

The third session dealt with work and entrepreneurship, including the labour market for young people and young enterprise.

The concluding discussion revolved around schools and what constitutes a good school, what is important and which skills the school should teach pupils.

CEO of Fryshuset Johan Oljeqvist welcomed those present and introduced the day's seminar. Photo:

During the afternoon, The King presented two special prizes and a scholarship from the Anders Carlberg Memorial Fund. This was the first time that the scholarship had been presented. The special prizes were presented to artist Laleh Pourkarim and police officer Mohamed Abubaker, and the Young Role Model scholarship was presented to Ahtir Albadri.

The King brought the seminar to a close by giving a speech in which he said:

"A successful society is a society where we work together. A society where we listen to each other and learn from each other's experiences. And that is exactly what we have been doing here today. [ … ] You – young people and adults alike – represent enormous knowledge capital. Here in this room, there are strong personal networks, international views and centuries of combined experience. Here, we have all the right conditions for building on Fryshuset's success. I look forward to continuing to follow your work – for and with young people."

About Fryshuset

Fryshuset External link, opens in new window. is a voluntary organisation that was founded in 1984. It is aimed at all young people, with a particular focus on those who find themselves living in isolation. The organisation runs around 50 different activities within the fields of education, passionate interests, social perspectives, training and the job market. Fryshuset works in Stockholm, Skärholmen, Husby, Gothenburg, Malmö, Kalmar and Denmark, and is represented throughout Sweden via a national network of youth organisations.

Fryshuset's founder Anders Carlberg died in January 2013 after a period of illness.

The King and Queen with Chile's President Michelle Bachelet at Fryshuset in May this year. Photo: