The Royal Couple and The Crown Princess Couple at the memorial service for the tsunami victims

Motiv: The Royal Couple and the Crown Princess Couple, with Prime Minister Stefan Löfven in the foreground. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

This Boxing Day, The King and Queen and The Crown Princess Couple attended a memorial service for victims of the tsunami that occurred in Southeast Asia ten years ago. The Royal Couple, together with the Swedish Church, took the initiative to hold the service.

Archbishop Antje Jackelén led the service and held a sermon:

"Where are they whose lives ended so abruptly on Boxing Day ten years ago? They can be found in our memories and carried in our hearts. They can be found in the re-evaluation of life, as many have done: Community means more than chasing after what life has to offer. That love is greater than all our missed opportunities to show concern. That new meaning can emerge out of the senseless."

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven also gave a speech. Annika Skoglund sang, Ulrika Edstrom played the cello, and Andrew Canning played the organ.