The Crown Princess Couple visit Läxhjälpen

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Motiv: After the meeting at the Läxhjälpen Foundation's office. Prince Daniel and The Crown Princess with Maria Arneng, Elin Annwall, Harald Ullman, Emil Godonou, Diana Mamendi, Modou Bojang and Amy Axelson. Photo:
On Thursday 16 January, The Crown Princess Couple visited the Läxhjälpen Foundation. The Crown Princess Couple have supported the work of the foundation since 2013.
The Läxhjälpen Foundation is a private non-profit foundation. With support from industry, it offers free help with homework in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas. Pupils in years 8 and 9 who risk being unable to progress to upper secondary school can receive help. Young university students are paid to help pupils with their homework, and also act as positive role models and mentors.
The Crown Princess Couple listen to Emil Godonou describing his work helping with homework. Photo:

The Crown Princess Couple listen to Emil Godonou describing his work helping with homework. Photo:

During the morning, the work of the foundation was presented by founder Harald Ullman and Maria Arneng, who runs Läxhjälpen. Läxhjälpen began in 2007, and almost 130 students now help pupils with their homework at schools in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Södertälje. The students are employed on an hourly basis and work for six hours a week, with responsibility for five pupils whom they work with during the academic year.
The Crown Princess Couple also listened to Emil Godonou, who is studying nautical engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology, explaining about his work as a homework helper. His former pupil Diana Mamendi said that Läxhjälpen helped her to achieve her goal of starting the economics programme at Östra Real.
Year 8 pupil Modou Bojang spoke about his frustration at his poor school results, and the joy he feels now that he has finally managed to improve them. Modou and homework helper Amy Axelson, who is studying social sciences at Stockholm University, began meeting twice a week via Läxhjälpen last autumn.

The Crown Princess Couple's Foundation

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel established a foundation to mark the occasion of their marriage in 2010. The foundation aims to support children and young people in Sweden, with the purpose of combating exclusion and promoting good health.
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