An interview with Ylva Berg, CEO of Business Sweden, ahead of the state visit to France

Motiv: Ylva Berg. Photo: Business Sweden

Ylva Berg, together with Jens Spendrup from the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, will be leading the industry delegation accompanying the state visit to France.

How have the companies been chosen?
France has invited Sweden in order to strengthen our bilateral relations. Preparations are also underway for France to host the COP 21 climate summit next year. Against this background, Business Sweden has invited Swedish companies who promote Swedish enterprise in various ways. Some of them are already successful in France but want to grow, while others are ready to enter the French market but need help dealing with certain issues in order to take the next step. By offering these companies a forum that it would be hard for them to enter on their own, Business Sweden is promoting commerce in the long term. However, it is important to point out that these companies have to pay to take part.

Are there any joint issues for Swedish and French businesses?
Conditions in France are favourable for Swedish companies, but the entry threshold is often high – not least because of complex regulations, particularly in the labour market. And it's important not to underestimate business culture and linguistic differences. We both want a greater exchange of experiences in terms of infrastructure and the digital economy.

What role do The King and Queen play in a state visit?
The King and Queen do fantastic work for Sweden, every day of the year. Their participation in a state visit opens new doors. They also attract media attention, and the media is an important channel for highlighting and discussing issues. Here at Business Sweden, we're incredibly grateful for our cooperation with the Royal Court.

What role do state visits play in today's increasingly globalised world?
Globalisation has brought countries closer together, but meetings are needed for human relationships. A state visit is a high-level meeting in condensed form.

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