The Queen opens a residential care home

Motiv: 95-year-old Elsa Nord welcomes The Queen to the fifth floor of Stockholm Nursing Home's new residential care home. Photo: Alexander Ruas
On Wednesday 18 September, The Queen opened Stockholm Nursing Home's new residential care home on Kungsholmen.
The Queen was welcomed by Chairman of the Board Sven Unger, board member and Professor Emerita Elisabeth Olsson, Director Elisabet Wennlund, Operational Manager Lise-Lotte Henretta and Professor Peter Strang.
The Queen was then given a tour of the apartments and had the opportunity to talk with residents and employees.
The Queen gave a speech during the opening ceremony, in which she said:
"Good health and social care is based on consideration, respect and knowledge. In order to see the person behind the illness or the old age, we must listen to and get to know the people we meet. Good care is also based on effective relationships. May of us have experience of elderly relatives. We know just how important it is that care home staff have training and knowledge, and also that they show consideration and respect."

Stockholm Nursing Home's new residential care home

The new care home consists of 99 apartments, in a modern and well thought-out environment. Nine of the apartments have been adapted for people under the age of 65 with dementia. A café, restaurant, library and beautiful grounds all contribute towards a better quality of life for residents.