The Queen launches the Meet Me project

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Motiv: The Queen at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm. Photo:
On Monday 28 January, The Queen launched the Swedish Alzheimer's Foundation's Meet Me project at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm.
The Queen was met at the museum by the Swedish Alzheimer's Foundation's Vice President Liselotte Jansson and Nationalmuseum's Director Berndt Arell, who also gave a brief welcoming address.
The Queen then launched the project, and art educator Jeanette Rangner Jacobsson unveiled Meet Me.
Meet Me is a national project aimed at people affected by some form of dementia. The aim of the project is to improve dementia sufferers' quality of life through contact with works of art and art objects. The Swedish Alzheimer's Foundation has overall responsibility for Meet Me, which is being run in cooperation with Nationalmuseum, the Dementia Association and the Swedish Dementia Centre. The project is being funded via the Swedish Postcode Lottery.
Jeanette Rangner Jacobsson explains about the project in an interview on the Swedish Alzheimer's Foundation's website:
Who is your main target audience?
Anyone who has been diagnosed with dementia at an early or moderate stage of the disease and their relatives.
This could be an older couple who come together, or someone who comes with their child, their grandchild or a close friend. People can also come with two relatives.
The groups will be small, with a maximum of twelve people.
What will these tours offer?
They'll offer a break from the daily routine, and the opportunity to leave the house. It's important for people with dementia to get out and about, to be involved in everyday life and to receive a friendly welcome. They may have visited the museum before. And the relative can do something together with the dementia sufferer. It creates happy memories to talk about.