The Queen is congratulated with a gala performance

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Motiv: The Queen arrives at the Oscar Theatre. Photo:
On Thursday 19 December, a tribute was staged at Stockholm's Oscar Theatre to celebrate The Queen's 70th birthday.
The evening's artists took part to recognise The Queen's commitment to vulnerable children. The Master of Ceremonies was Lill Lindfors, and the performers were Lena Philipsson, Tomas Ledin, Peter Jöback, Hanna Lindblad, Rennie Mirro, Karl Dyall, John Lundvik, Simone Moreno, Poplabbet, BASE23 and the Junior Academy.
A new foundation, H.M. Queen Silvia's Care About the Children Foundation, was also handed over to The Queen during the performance. Funds were raised for the foundation during the autumn, attracting a great deal of support. Many businesses have been involved, in appreciation of The Queen's commitment to helping vulnerable children. The general public have also given their valuable support. The fundraising committee consisted of Olof Stenhammar, Mats Dellham, Karl-Gustaf Piehl and Fredrik Uhrström
"Those of us who have taken the initiative for the Care About the Children foundation would like to congratulate Queen Silvia, and to thank her for all she has done — and continues to do — for children around the world," said Olof Stenhammar, Chairman of Queen Silvia's Care About the Children Foundation. "We want to give her the opportunity to help even more children, and every donation is welcome, no matter how large or small."
The aim of the foundation is to support clearly defined Swedish and international projects that enable vulnerable children throughout the world to feel security and joy during their childhood.
Those who wish to congratulate The Queen on her birthday are asked to consider making a donation to the foundation.