The King awards Young Leadership Foundation diplomas

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Motiv: The King presents a diploma in the Bernadotte Library to a young leader who has completed the Scouts' Value-Based Leadership course. Photo:
On Thursday 11 April, The King awarded diplomas to participants from the Value-Based Leadership course.
During the morning, 80 young leaders who had completed the Value-Based Leadership course were presented with diplomas by The King in the Bernadotte Library. The course included four training sessions during the year, with participants from Sweden and Finland. The course is part of the Young Leadership Foundation External link, opens in new window..
After the diploma presentation, The King gave a speech in which he said:
"The Scouts' values mean so much, and we can communicate these values to society. You now have a sound foundation, and you can continue to build on this. Thank you for deciding to take part in this course. I'm proud of you."
Zanver Karimi is a project manager at Fryshuset/Elektra who works with honour-related violence and oppression.
What did you get out of the course?
"It was incredibly informative, and I've really developed as a person. The course has revealed our hidden talents, and we've learnt about our own values. It's given me a firm foundation for my leadership."
Simon Tullstedt. Photo:

Simon Tullstedt. Photo:

Simon Tullstedt is a project manager for the Fake Free think tank and a Scout leader.
What will you be taking away from the course?
"The best thing was meeting the other participants. We really built up in-depth contact. They'll be an important network for me in the future. I'll also take away a sense of humility, that other people have so much potential. Leadership isn't about showing how good we are — it's about bringing out the good in others."
Lena Ahlström. Photo:

Lena Ahlström. Photo:

Lena Ahlström is a mentor and the CEO and founder of Ledarstudion.
What role do the mentors play during the course?
"The mentoring is driven by the needs of the trainee. Each participant is interviewed, and the mentors and participants are then matched. We meet regularly throughout the year. As mentors, we're not there to provide good advice. Instead, we share our experiences. The mentoring is based on free will, openness, trust and confidentiality."
The diploma presentation began with a speech by Secretary General of the Swedish Scout Movement Yvonne Tenninge, who spoke about the importance of good leadership. She also explained that she had accepted the challenge of becoming Secretary General because of the Scouts' sound values. She pointed out that value-based leadership is not about having values for the moment, but about living with them. She concluded by challenging the participants to carry the Scouts' guiding principles with them: courage, consideration and energy.
During the afternoon's Young Leadership seminar, this year's three scholarship recipients were announced.