The King attends the Tällberg Forum

Motiv: The King on the nature walk to Digerberget in Tällberg with, from left: County Governor of Dalarna County Maria Norrfalk, Björn Larsson, Jacqueline McGlade, Göran Gennvi, Hans-Olof Olsson, Gail Whiteman, Robert W Corell and John D. Liu. Photo: Trons/Scanpix
On Thursday 13 and Friday 14 June, The King took part in the ninth Tällberg Forum. This year's theme was "The world at a crossroads: Making sense of globalisation".

At Tällberg, The King was met by County Governor Maria Norrfalk, Anders Wijkman, member of the board of the Tällberg Foundation, Björn Larsson, Director of the ForeSight Group and ambassador for the World's Children's Prize, Bo Ekman, founder of the Tällberg Forum, and Leksand Municipal Commissioner Ulrika Liljeberg.
On the Thursday evening, a welcome reception was held, followed by a dinner at the Green Hotel hosted by Bo Ekman.
Friday began with a discussion entitled "The sovereignty conundrum", focusing on the issue of state sovereignty and whether we are heading towards a world without national states. The moderators were Nayan Chanda, from the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, USA, and Alexander Crawford, from the Tällberg Foundation.
The King and a group of participants then walked to the top of Digerberget in Tällberg, accompanied by a local nature guide.
After lunch, discussions continued on how globalisation affects our lives. The heading was "What globalisation means for people". The moderators for the afternoon were Karin Bruce from the Tällberg Foundation and John Morrisson, Executive Director of the Institute for Human Rights.

About the Tällberg Forum

This year, the Tällberg Forum brought together 273 leaders from 50 different countries, including Kiyoshi Kurokawa, independent investigator of the Fukushima accident, Nicklas Lundblad, Global Policy Director at Google, Sunita Narain, an environmental activist from India, Hans-Olov Olsson, Vice-Chairman of Volvo Car Corporation, and Shailja Patel, a poet and actress from Kenya.
Since the Tällberg Foundation was founded in 1981, its operations have revolved around the overall question of "How on Earth can we live together?". This year's event is the ninth annual summit since 2005, and the 33rd year running that the Tällberg Foundation has brought together global players from different sectors of society around the world.
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