The King attends Landskrona's 600th anniversary celebrations

Motiv: The King during his visit to Landskrona. Photo: Stefan Lindblom/Stella Pictures
On Wednesday 20 March, The King visited Landskrona, which is celebrating its 600th anniversary as a town in 2013.
It was in 1413 that the fishing village of Södra Säby was granted a town charter by the King of the Nordic Kalmar Union, Eric of Pomerania.
The celebrations began when The King arrived at Landskrona Town Hall, where he was welcomed by Chairman of the Municipal Council Lennart Söderberg. The King then unveiled a commemorative plaque in Stadsparken Park, which read "Landskrona 600 years — 20 March 2013 — H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf". Composer Staffan Strand's "Te Deum for Landskrona" received its first performance, with brass musicians from the Church of Sweden and the Jubilee Choir. The celebrations then continued after a short walk to Teaterparken Park with its the new Jubilee Stage. There, Member of the Swedish Academy Jesper Svenbro read an anniversary poem and Richard Malmsten's Jubilee Song was performed before The King gave his speech.
In his speech, The King said: "I would like to mention the efforts made by Landskrona Citadel and the town of Landskrona to help refugees at the end of the Second World War. Thousands of people were given refuge here, receiving care and assistance when they fled the war. The relief work carried out at Landskrona Citadel helped many people to start a new life in a new country. Today, Landskrona is also important for other reasons. People who enrich our country in many different ways come here. The work carried out by Landskrona with newly-arrived school children is therefore extremely valuable. Schools provide an important foundation for children and young people."
After his speech at Teaterparken Park, The King visited Dammhag School where he was welcomed by head teacher Lena Andersson. Since the spring term of 2013, the school has taught preschool classes up to year 6, and has around 200 pupils. The school provides introductory classes for new arrivals to Sweden, and during his visit The King had the opportunity to see how the school works with these children.
The programme concluded with lunch at Landskrona Citadel, where Chairman of the Municipal Council Lennart Söderberg welcomed The King and County Governor Margareta Pålsson gave a speech of thanks.