The King and The Crown Princess attend WWF's annual meeting

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Motiv: The King and The Crown Princess at Naturens Hus for WWF's annual meeting. Photo: Maja Suslin/Scanpix
On Friday 24 May, The King and The Crown Princess attended WWF's annual meeting, followed by a visit to Stora Skuggan and Djurgårdsstaden, Stockholm.
The King and The Crown Princess were met at Naturens Hus in Stora Skuggan by WWF's Secretary General Håkan Wirtén and Chairman of the Board Björn Hägglund.
The King then welcomed the attendees to the annual meeting. The King is Honorary Chairman of the WWF Council.
In connection with the annual meeting, held on European Day of Parks, filmmaker and photographer Mattias Klum and Håkan Wirtén presented WWF's national summer campaign, Swedish Pearls.
European Day of Parks is celebrated on 24 May throughout Europe, to commemorate the establishment of Europe's first national parks by the Swedish Riksdag on 24 May 1909.
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