The King and Queen visit the Artipelag Art Gallery

Motiv: The King and Queen with founders Björn and Lillemor Jakobson. Photo: Björn Lofterud/Artipelag
On Thursday 31 January, The King and Queen visited the Artipelag Art Gallery at Hålludden, Värmdö Municipality, in Stockholm County.
The King and Queen were welcomed by Artipelag's founders Björn and Lillemor Jakobson. There then followed a presentation and description of the initiative, as well as the architecture and concept behind the gallery. Afterwards, Director Bo Nilsson showed The King and Queen an exhibition entitled "Enlightened".
The tour continued with the design shop, the Artbox hall, the artist space, the technology room and finally the pavilions and the Baggen restaurant on the upper floor, with its spectacular views of Baggensfjärden Bay.

About Artipelag

Artipelag is a new international forum for art exhibitions, cultural activities, architecture, music, Swedish design and food. Artipelag is located at Hålludden on the island of Värmdö, approximately 20 km east of Stockholm. The building is 10,220 m² in size and is situated among pines and rocks, with views of Baggensfjärden Bay. It was designed by the late architect Johan Nyrén, and was commissioned by the family business BabyBjörn AB.
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