The King and Queen hold an audience with honorary consuls working in Central and Eastern Europe

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Motiv: The King and Queen met honorary consuls in Queen Lovisa Ulrika's Dining Hall at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. Photo:
On Tuesday 3 December, The King and Queen held an audience at the Royal Palace of Stockholm with honorary consuls working in Central and Eastern Europe.
Åke Peterson, Stockholm-based ambassador to Central Asia, presented the honorary consuls and the delegates from the embassy and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to The King and Queen.
During the audience, honorary consuls Slobodan Anicic (Split) and Željko Kuiš (Rijeka), both from Croatia, were presented with Member of the Royal Order of the Polar Star.

Honorary consulates

There are around 400 Swedish honorary consulates. Their task is to assist the embassies and career consulates with various duties. An honorary consulate is led by an honorary consul. The position of honorary consul is an unpaid honorary role. An honorary consul can be a Swedish citizen or a foreign citizen.
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