The King and Prince Carl Philip attend Veterans Day

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Motiv: The King gives a speech at Veterans Day. Photo: Jessica Gow/Scanpix
On Wednesday 29 May, The King and Prince Carl Philip attended Veterans Day. The King officiated at the dedication of the veterans' monument at the National Maritime Museum on Royal Djurgården in Stockholm.
The King and Prince Carl Philip attended the ceremony together with Minister for Defence Karin Enström and Supreme Commander Sverker Göranson.
The King gave a speech, in which he said:
"Sweden has a long tradition of defending values such as freedom, peace, democracy and human rights. This tradition runs throughout our modern history, from the Middle East observers in 1948 and the Suez Battalion in 1956. Then came Sinai, Cyprus, Lebanon and the Congo, followed by Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Libya and the Gulf of Aden in recent decades. Many men and women played their parts in these locations. This includes the many Swedes who have made a difference over the years in order to help others.
"We have gathered here today to honour and thank them. We are unable to express our gratitude in words. This monument therefore symbolises Sweden's thanks for what has been done, what is being done now, and what will be done in future. Here, we can think about their sacrifices with thankfulness, remembering those who have done their part and those families that have been separated from their loved ones. In particular, we should remember those who have lost their lives fighting for others and those who have lost someone close to them."

The King then unveiled the Restare monument, which was created by artist Monika Larsen Dennis.
After the unveiling, The King presented the following medals to veterans:

  • The Swedish Armed Forces' Medal for Those Wounded in War
  • The Swedish Armed Forces' Medal of Merit

Sweden has contributed civilian and military personnel to UN efforts around the world. Swedish veterans and their relatives are commemorated on Veterans Day, 29 May. Veterans Day was established by the Swedish Government in 2010, and has had state ceremonial status since 2012.