The Crown Princess Couple visit Maskrosbarn

Motiv: The Crown Princess Couple with Alexander Rosenberg, Josefin Wesberg, Therése Eriksson, Sandra Patel Seropian, Elin Hågeby, Mia Körsner, Netha Veigas and Jessika Arvik. Photo: Ella Desurmont/Maskrosbarn
On Tuesday 26 November, The Crown Princess Couple visited Maskrosbarn. The Crown Princess Couple's Foundation has supported the organisation since 2012.

During their afternoon at Maskrosbarn, The Crown Princess Couple found out about initiatives including a support project being run with the help of a grant from the foundation. Project manager Sandra Patel spoke about her support work, and the young people she has supported explained how this has made a difference for them.


Maskrosbarn works to support children who have grown up with parents suffering from mental illness or addiction issues, helping them to break free from their social circumstances and to prosper as adults. The organisation is aimed at young people from across Sweden, offering residential and support activities.

The Crown Princess Couple's Foundation

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel established a foundation to mark the occasion of their marriage in 2010. The foundation aims to support children and young people in Sweden, with the purpose of combating exclusion and promoting good health.
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