Prince Daniel visits Ockelbo Camp

Motiv: Prince Daniel with camp participants at Älgparken elk park. Photo:
On Tuesday 13 August, Prince Daniel met camp participants at Ockelbo Camp and took part in an excursion to Älgparken elk park and the Wilderness Gallery.
Prince Daniel arrived at Älgparken, where he met camp participants and was welcomed by Manager Lars Arkelsjö, Municipal Commissioner Magnus Jonsson and Municipal Chief Executive Lars Sjödin.
Prince Daniel and the children were then given a tour of the 14 hectare park, which has two elk reserves where eleven elk live. There then followed a tour of the Wilderness Gallery. The gallery has been made to resemble an indoor wilderness, complete with trees, stones, moss and log cabins.
The visit to Ockelbo Camp concluded with lunch together with the camp participants.

Ockelbo Camp

Ockelbo Municipality's wedding gift to The Crown Princess Couple was an annual summer camp. The camp is for children aged between 6 and 12 who live in and around the town. This year, the children have had the opportunity to go swimming, canoeing and fishing, and to go on an elk safari. Ockelbo Camp is arranged by the municipality in association with the Healthy Generation foundation.
Prince Daniel is patron of the Healthy Generation foundation.