Prince Daniel visits HMS Halland

Motiv: Prince Daniel on board HMS Halland. Photo: 1st Submarine Flotilla
On Tuesday 4 June, Prince Daniel visited the submarine HMS Halland.
Prince Daniel met up with HMS Halland, which was on its way to Stockholm to take part in Navy Day, out at sea. He had the opportunity to experience life as a submariner for a couple of hours.
A submarine is a complex system that requires in-depth overall engineering and operational understanding, as The Prince found out. After a tour of the vessel, Prince Daniel was present in the control room during submersion and then had the opportunity to steer the submarine himself. It is important to think one step ahead all the time, since the vessel is steered in three dimensions, and every internal longitudinal movement must be compensated for by the helmsman.
Prince Daniel concluded his visit by saying:
"Today has certainly been an experience. It's been exciting to see how the entire crew works together on board, where everyone has their place and role and where there's no room for carelessness. It feels incredible having helped to steer a 1,500-tonne vessel!"