Prince Daniel visits Ängslätt School

Motiv: The Prince takes part in a sports lesson with class 4A at Ängslätt School. Photo: Drago Prvulovic/TT
On Monday 11 November, Prince Daniel and Minister for Health and Social Affairs Göran Hägglund visited Ängslätt School in the Bunkeflostrand district of Malmö.
The Prince and the Minister for Health and Social Affairs were welcomed by representatives from the pupils' council and the head teachers. They then learnt about the background to the Bunkeflo model and the way in which the school works today.
Pupils at Ängslätt School have sport on the timetable every day, and The Prince and the Minister for Health and Social Affairs had the opportunity to take part in a sports lesson.
The visit to Ängslätt School concluded with lunch at the school library.

About the Bunkeflo model

The Bunkeflo project began in 1999 at Ängslätt School. The project has resulted in a model, the Bunkeflo model, which has spread to many schools around Sweden. Researchers at Malmö University have followed the project since it began, and their research shows that pupils who take part in sport daily perform better at school, more pupils achieve the primary and lower secondary school targets, and more pupils meet the entrance requirements for upper secondary school.