Prince Daniel attends the commemoration of Raoul Wallenberg Day

Motiv: Prince Daniel speaks with Siavosh Derakhti, winner of the Raoul Wallenberg Prize, and Minister for Integration Erik Ullenhag. Photo: Sanna Sjöswärd
On Tuesday 27 August, Prince Daniel attended the commemoration of Raoul Wallenberg Day at Raoul Wallenbergs Torg in Stockholm.

Olle Wästberg, coordinator of the 2012 Raoul Wallenberg jubilee, introduced the programme, after which Raoul Wallenberg's great-niece Cecilia Åhlberg spoke on the subject "Who was Raoul?"
Minister for Integration Erik Ullenhag presented the Raoul Wallenberg Prize to Siavosh Derakhti, founder of Young Muslims Against Anti-Semitism.
Mark Levengood held a discussion with Swedish heroes Milla Martin and Lisbeth Malm. Milla started the Bullhjälpen bun sale charity, and Lisbeth stopped a knife fight on a tram in Gothenburg.
Minister for EU Affairs Birgitta Ohlsson then gave a speech, and the commemoration concluded with a performance by singer Loreen.

About Raoul Wallenberg Day

In 2013, the Swedish Academy decided that Raoul Wallenberg's name day, 27 August, should be commemorated each year as a memorial day for Raoul Wallenberg in the Academy's calendar.
Raoul Wallenberg Day aims to encourage working for moral courage and tolerance, in order to combat xenophobia and racism. The day is an opportunity to raise awareness of Raoul Wallenberg's actions in Budapest during the Second World War, and in particular to highlight and discuss topical issues relating to human rights, the importance of personal responsibility, and the possibility for an individual to make a difference, from a broader perspective.