Prince Daniel attends Prince Daniel's Race and Sports Day at Haga Park

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Motiv: Prince Daniel cheers on the competitors in Prince Daniel's Race at the first Sports Day at Haga Park. Photo: Robin Haldert/TT Nyhetsbyrån
On Sunday 8 September, Prince Daniel attended the inaugural Prince Daniel's Race and Sports Day at Haga Park.
Prince Daniel's Race and Sports Day at Haga Park are an initiative by Prince Daniel in association with the Swedish Sports Confederation.
The aim is to encourage more young people to take part in sport, and to emphasise the importance of health for children and young people. It is hoped that the day will spur on children who do not currently participate in sport, and to encourage then to get involved in sport with all the advantages this brings.
Prince Daniel's Race, which is aimed at children aged 6 to 12, was held for the first time in Haga Park. The Haga Race was organised for adults, with a choice between running five and ten kilometres.
More than 30 different sports were held in Haga Park, including table tennis, figure skating, ice hockey, sailing, baseball and casting.
Prince Daniel's Race and Sports Day were arranged by the Swedish Sports Confederation, the Stockholm Sports Federation, the City of Solna, the Royal Djurgården Administration, the City of Stockholm and the Solna Sports Associations' Cooperation Organisation.