Prince Carl Philip opens the exhibition "1001 Inventions"

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Motiv: Prince Carl Philip opens the exhibition "1001 Inventions – The Enduring Legacy of Muslim Civilisation" Photo: Bertil Enevåg Ericson/Scanpix
On Friday 30 August, Prince Carl Philip opened the exhibition "1001 Inventions — Discover the Muslim Heritage in Our World" at Värmland Museum in Karlstad.

The visit began with The Prince being given a tour of the exhibition. The Prince then opened the exhibition by turning a wheel that set two water wheels in motion.
The travelling exhibition depicts the period between 600 AD and 1600, and the discoveries made during that time by Muslim civilisation.

About the exhibition

The exhibition consists of 60 interactive stations. Visitors can meet men and women who many people have never heard of, but whose discoveries paved the way for many of the products and the technology that we take for granted today.
The exhibition has received more than two and a half million visitors, and was most recently shown at the National Geographic Museum in Washington DC, USA.