H.M. Queen Silvia's Care About the Children Foundation

Motiv: Photo: Jens Rötzsch/Childhood
23 December will be The Queen's 70th birthday. A new foundation, H.M. Queen Silvia's Care About the Children Foundation, has been established to mark the occasion.
The foundation will run for ten years, working towards a world where all children have their most basic needs met: the opportunity for care, education and the right to be children through play.
The foundation will be handed over to The Queen at a tribute staged at Stockholm's Oscar Theatre on 19 December, together with a list of all the donors.
Those who wish to congratulate The Queen on her birthday are asked to consider making a donation to the foundation.
Donations to the foundation can be made by bank giro:
228-6276 | Handelsbanken | IBAN: SE9460000000000753971798 | BIC/SWIFT: HANDSESS
186-9239 | SEB | IBAN: SE7450000000054281002995 | BIC/SWIFT: ESSESESS