The King visits Trollhättan

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Motiv: The King and County Governor Lars Bäckström are welcomed to Innovatum in Trollhättan by Tore Helmersson, CEO of Innovatum AB. Photo: Innovatum
On Wednesday 26 September, The King visited Innovatum in Trollhättan. The aim of the visit was to find out about Innovatum's operations.
The visit began with a tour of Saab's car museum and a presentation of the area's industrial history.
Innovatum Science Center carries out activities for members of the public and school pupils from the entire region. The King learnt about how Innovatum works with projects such as educational programmes.
An eight week project began on Wednesday for sixty young people from Trollhättan and Vänersborg. They will be divided up into six teams, and will take part in the global FIRST Lego League competition, in which 10 to 16-year-olds carry out challenges relating to marketing, research and technology. During the day, the teams learnt about entrepreneurship, creativity and programming, and received their launch packs containing the tasks they will need to practise ready for the competition.
During the afternoon, The King met representatives from many of the companies that were started within Innovatum Incubator, a forum for creative industry. Around thirty companies, employing more than 150 people, are currently taking part.
The King was also given a presentation of how Innovatum works with development projects together with industry in Västra Götaland. This included the Biogas Brålanda project, which is an example of how a development project has led to several farms in Dalsland coming together to form a joint management network for the production and delivery of biogas.
The King ended the day by visiting University West, where Vice-Chancellor Kerstin Norén and Professor of Production Technology Per Nylén explained about the research and innovation taking place within the area. The Production Technology Centre is a well-equipped production technology laboratory. Here, project work is carried out involving research, industrial projects and pre-industrialisation.