The King holds formal audiences

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Motiv: Ukraine's Ambassador Valery Stepanov arrives at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. Photo:
On Thursday 8 March, formal audiences were held at the Royal Palace of Stockholm.
At the ceremony, the ambassadors submit their credentials (a document from their head of state) to The King, who then grants them the formal right to work in Sweden.
Ukraine's Ambassador Valery Stepanov has previously served as Consul General in Munich, and has worked at the Embassy of Ukraine in Bonn.
Indonesia's Ambassador Dewa Made Juniarta has previously been Director for West European Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Indonesia, and has served as Minister Counsellor at the Indonesian Embassy in London.
Portugal's Ambassador Manuel Marcelo Monteiro Curto has previously served as Portugal's Ambassador in Moscow and Mexico City.
Canada's Ambassador Kenneth Macartney has previously served at the Embassies of Canada in both Oslo and Stockholm, and as Director General of the South, Southeast Asia and Oceania Bureau.
Formal audiences are a traditional ceremony. The ambassador is collected in one of the Royal Mews' carriages from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and is taken to the Royal Palace of Stockholm. The King and the ambassador then talk in private for around fifteen minutes.
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