The King and Queen visit Halmstad

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Motiv: The King and Queen arrive at the Wapnö estate, where they are welcomed by CEO Lennart E Bengtsson. Photo: Anders Andersson/Scanpix
On Tuesday 4 September, The King and Queen visited Halmstad.
The King and Queen then visited Halmstad Castle, where the Halland Culinary Academy awards were presented. The Academy presented awards for the Halland Young Chef of the Year, the Halland School Restaurant of the Year and the Halland Senior Restaurant of the Year.
After lunch, The King and Queen visited Halmstad University External link, opens in new window., where they learnt about the work of the university and were shown products and services produced by the Centre for Health Technology Halland.
The day concluded with a visit to HMS Industrial Networks AB External link, opens in new window..