The King and Queen begin their visit to Rio de Janeiro

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Motiv: Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/Scanpix
On Saturday 16 June, The King and Queen began a visit to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in connection with the UN world environment conference on sustainable development, Rio+20.
The Queen spoke at the "Corporate Respect and Support for Human Rights — The Foundation for Sustainability" seminar, which was arranged by the UN Global Compact's Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum.
The King and Queen then visited the Swedish pavilion at Parque dos Atletas, where The King rang the Bell of Peace and gave an opening speech. In his speech Opens in new window., The King said:
"Sweden has a longstanding commitment to sustainable development. Forty years ago, in 1972, world leaders met in Stockholm for the first UN Conference on the Human Environment. 113 countries and more than 400 organisations gathered under the banner 'Only One Earth'.
"Hopefully, the Rio+20 Conference will focus on solutions and ways forward. We must accept reality as a starting point, but be smart and turn problems into possibilities. I believe that a development that is socially and environmentally sustainable will always be economically sustainable."

Sunday 17 June

Sunday began with The Queen giving a speech at the UN Global Compact Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum event "The Children's Rights and Business Principles".
The King and Queen then attended the Stockholm Resilience Centre's seminar, at which sustainability issues were discussed. The seminar concluded with the launch of Mattias Klum and Johan Rockström's book and photographic exhibition, "The Human Quest".
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