The King and Queen attend the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry's formal gathering

Motiv: The King presents an award to one of the prize-winners during the formal gathering. Photo: Mats Gerentz/Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry
On Saturday 28 January, The King and Queen attended the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry's 199th formal gathering.
This year's gathering was held at Musikaliska, and was followed by a dinner. President Sara von Arnold welcomed the attendees, and The King presented the Academy's prizes and awards. This year's ceremonial speech was given by Theodor Kallifatides.
From the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry's website External link, opens in new window.:
The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture was founded in 1811 and inaugurated on 28 January 1813 at the initiative of Crown Prince Karl Johan, later King Karl XIV Johan. He probably took the French Academy of Agriculture as his model. He was also the first President of the new Academy.
At that time, around 85% of the Swedish population worked in agriculture, and the Academy initially acted as a central administrative body. As authorities were created for various sectors, the role of the Academy evolved.
Many of today's Swedish agricultural institutions have their origins in the Academy, such as the Ministry of Agriculture, the Swedish Board of Agriculture and the research council Formas. For many years, the Academy oversaw the Swedish Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies and also directed agricultural research activities, a task that was later taken over by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.