The Crown Princess attends a seminar on breast cancer

Motiv: The Crown Princess with the Swedish Cancer Society's Secretary General Stefan Bergh and County Council Commissioner of Stockholm County Council Lars Joakim Lundquist. Photo: Andrea Björsell/The Swedish Cancer Society
On Wednesday 17 October, The Crown Princess attended a seminar arranged by the Swedish Cancer Society on the theme "Mammography saves lives".
The seminar highlighted issues relating to the importance of mammography.
The Swedish Cancer Society External link, opens in new window.'s Secretary General Stefan Bergh welcomed the attendees. Docent Lisa Rydén from Lund University then spoke about cancer survival in Sweden.
Afterwards, Gunilla Gunnarsson from the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions spoke about their "Even better cancer care" project.
Karin Leifland, chair of the Regional Cancer Centre's national working group for mammography, then spoke about inequalities in the screening situation.
The seminar concluded with Arvid Widenlou-Nordmark, project manager for national guidelines at the National Board of Health and Welfare, speaking about the Board's guidelines.