Princess Madeleine visits My Big Day

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Motiv: Princess Madeleine during the presentation at My Big Day. Photo:
On Monday 12 March, Princess Madeleine visited the organisation My Big Day.
The visit began with a tour of the office. Secretary General Richard Fors then presented the organisation's employees and their duties. He explained how, over the course of ten years, the organisation has grown from two employees to twelve, and that the number of monthly donors is increasing all the time.
The Princess then heard a description of My Big Day's current projects and issues. One of the challenges faced by the organisation is not placing excessive demands on the caregivers — the hospitals — and so My Big Day now also works with local initiatives, such as helping hospitals to employ hospital clowns.
Richard Fors and Marketing Director Caroline Ensér together explained how fundraising activities are carried out, and how greater awareness of the work carried out by My Big Day means that the organisation is now helped by companies in completely new ways.
Princess Madeleine has been patron of My Big Day since 2001.

About My Big Day

My Big Day is a fundraising organisation which helps seriously ill children to realise their dreams. Each year, hundreds of children in Sweden fall ill with diseases that have a serious impact on their lives, and these diseases can often be life-threatening. My Big Day's goal is to give these children something to dream about on long days when they have to undergo tough treatment.
Examples of dreams that My Big Day has made come true over the years include singing with a child's idol, swimming with dolphins, meeting a footballer, going on a family holiday, and inviting friends to a party.
Every year, the organisation arranges around a hundred "big days". It also arranges at least as many group activities, such as concert visits, hospital cafés and youth camps, giving more than a thousand children each year a much-needed break from their hospital treatment.
My Big Day works together with all Sweden's university hospitals and most paediatric clinics. The doctors choose which children should have their dreams come true.
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