Prince Daniel visits LKAB

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Motiv: Prince Daniel with LKAB's CEO Lars-Eric Aaro. Photo: Fredric Alm
On 20-21 September, Prince Daniel visited LKAB's facilities at Malmberget, Kiruna and Gällivare.
Thursday began with a visit to LKAB's new research facility in Malmberget. There, The Prince learnt about the facility and was given a tour of the agglomeration laboratory, where iron ore pellet manufacturing researchers work.
Prince Daniel and Minister for Financial Markets Peter Norman then visited LKAB's growth project and new mines in Svappavaara.
Friday began with a visit by The Prince and the Minister for Financial Markets to LKAB's mine and manufacturing plant in Kiruna.
They then visited Hjalmar Lundbohm Upper Secondary School, where they had lunch with teachers and pupils and learnt about the school's journey towards becoming Sweden's best school in Kiruna and Gällivare.
The Prince and the Minister for Financial Markets then learnt about the LKAB Academy and were given a presentation on the subject "Towards becoming Sweden's best school". The LKAB Academy is a foundation whereby LKAB has pledged SEK 75 million to reinforce the role of the school in society, and to create Sweden's best school in those municipalities where they operate.
The visit concluded with The Prince and the Minister for Financial Markets being given a tour of the school.