Prince Daniel visits Google Sweden

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Motiv: Prince Daniel with Google Sweden's management team. Photo:
On Wednesday 10 October, Prince Daniel visited Google Sweden.
Following a tour of Google's offices, Prince Daniel learnt about Google's operations in Sweden and worldwide from Google Sweden's CEO Stina Honkamaa. Google Sweden has more than 100 employees, of which half are engineers.
David Mothander, who is responsible for social issues in the Nordic region, then spoke about Google's work with trends and development, art projects such as Google Art Project External link, opens in new window. and new projects such as Project Glass External link, opens in new window..

Sven Törnkvist explained how Google works with innovation and new services. Instead of concentrating all development in a single location, Google's products are developed around the world at its local offices. Sven also spoke about Google's nine principles of innovation:

  • Hire the best
  • Ideas come from anywhere
  • Practise sharing & openness fully
  • Morph, don't kill, ideas
  • Fast is better
  • Data drives decisions
  • 20% of working time can be spent on other projects
  • Users come first, not money
Gustav Radell, Marketing Manager for Google Sweden, then concluded by explaining about Google's various services.