Prince Daniel holds an audience with the winners of the Debating Contest

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Motiv: The winners of UR's debating prize, year six pupils Viggo Klementsson, Emilia Zettergren, Maud Stache and Amie Hanson from Karlskrona, met Prince Daniel at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. Photo: Mattias Bardå/UR.
On Monday 18 June, Prince Daniel held an audience with the winners of UR's debating prize, at which year six pupils from the whole of Sweden competed in the art of listening and speaking well.
The winning team came from JB Galären Kultur and Musik i Karlskrona.
The competition elements of the Debating Contest include having a rich vocabulary, listening effectively and using the tools of rhetoric to persuade others to listen.
The aim of the competition is to encourage quiet pupils to talk and talkative pupils to listen, and to enhance all pupils' self-esteem through public speaking.