Prince Carl Philip visits Afghanistan

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Motiv: Prince Carl Philip with some of the Swedish soldiers in Afghanistan. Photo:
On 22-24 October, Prince Carl Philip visited the Swedish FS 23 troops in Afghanistan.
The Prince visited the Swedish troops together with newly appointed army inspector Major General Anders Brännström.
The Prince had the opportunity to meet soldiers from the Swedish Romeo Lima rifle company which, at the beginning of September, was involved in fierce conflict in the Qush Tepa District west of Sheberghan.
The staff spoke about their experiences, and The Prince was informed about the security situation in northern Afghanistan.
Below is an interview conducted with Prince Carl Philip during his visit to Afghanistan.
How was your visit to Afghanistan?
Fascinating and informative. It was interesting to see operations in situ with my own eyes. Going round and meeting the troops, hearing how they think things are going and what things are like for them was a real experience.
Is this the first time Your Highness has visited Afghanistan?
Yes, this is my first visit. I've wanted to visit Afghanistan for a long time, and the planning for this visit has been going on for quite a while now.
What will Your Highness take away from this visit?
I had the opportunity to meet troops from the Romeo Lima rifle company at Camp Monitor, and that was a powerful experience. They were involved in a heavy exchange of fire in September, and it was fascinating meeting them and hearing how they felt afterwards. I've done a fair bit of military training, but this really was a matter of life and death.
The Swedish men and women that I met in Afghanistan, both military and civilians, are incredibly skilled and professional. They do a fantastic job, and they're making a real difference for Afghanistan.