Prince Carl Philip opens an exhibition about Prince Bertil at Strömsholm Palace

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Motiv: Prince Carl Philip at the exhibition, which is now on show at Strömsholm Palace. Photo: Charles Hammarsten/IBL
On Tuesday 8 May, Prince Carl Philip opened the exhibition "Remembering Prince Bertil".
Prince Bertil would have celebrated his 100th birthday in 2012, and his memory is being honoured with an exhibition that was opened to the public on 12 May at Strömsholm Palace. The exhibition consists of photographs depicting Prince Bertil's life. The images have come from sources including the Bernadotte Library's photographic archive.
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Here is Prince Carl Philip's speech in full:

HRH Prince Carl Philip's speech at the opening ceremony for the "Remembering Prince Bertil" exhibition on 8 May 2012

Ladies and gentlemen,
Prince Bertil would have been 100 years old this year, and his memory is worth observing and remembering.
Prince Bertil's efforts were important to Sweden. He travelled to many countries, and led delegations around the world. One of his most interesting roles was as a naval attaché in London during the Second World War. It was here that he met the love of his life, Lilian Craig.
Prince Bertil was also well-known for his sporting commitments. He was Chairman of the Swedish Olympic Committee for 50 years, and was also Chairman of the Swedish Sports Confederation for almost as long.
Both Prince Bertil and I went to Lundsberg School, and it was here that his passion for sport grew deeper. I have seen plenty of photographic evidence of this, and have heard him talk about it. For example, he was an excellent ice skater, and he held the school record for many years, as well as other records at district level.
Prince Bertil's great love of motoring was also well-known, and is something I share. He liked to compete in his beloved Bugatti in France, under the fictitious name of Monsieur Adrian.
Prince Bertil introduced me to the world of motoring at an early age, and this can be seen in one of the photographs in this exhibition. The photo depicts a policeman showing us both his motorbike, and I remember that it was hard to say who was most interested.
Prince Bertil meant a great deal to me, not only because he was my godfather, but also because of what he did for Sweden and what he did for my father. I have many fond memories of Prince Bertil. He was a warm, cheerful and respectful man, and I often think of him.
I am therefore delighted to be here at Strömsholm Palace today to open the exhibition "Remembering Prince Bertil".
I would like to thank everyone who has worked on the exhibition, and I now look forward to taking a closer look at it.
But before we do that, I would ask you to take a moment to remember Prince Bertil's brother, Carl Johan Bernadotte — someone else who has meant a lot to me and my family.
Like his brother, Carl Johan was also a warm and cheerful man, and he has left a great gap in our lives. I was also very fond of him, and I will miss him and our conversations.
Thank you.