Prince Carl Philip attends Forest Industry Week

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Motiv: Prince Carl Philip is welcomed to Forest Industry Week by Chairperson of the Swedish Forestry Association Carina Håkansson and Chairman of the Swedish Forest Industries Federation Ulf Larsson. Photo: Johan Ardefors/Forest Industry Week
On Tuesday 17 April, Prince Carl Philip attended the launch of Forest Industry Week at Norra Latin in Stockholm.
The aim of Forest Industry Week is to create a forum at which the forest industry, politicians, trade unions and other interested parties can come together to discuss current issues relating to forestry.
The day began with a talk by Gert Wingårdh External link, opens in new window., after which Prince Carl Philip presented four prizes:
  • Gold Branches
  • The Count Carl Bernadotte Forestry Prize
  • The Gunnar Sundblad Research Foundation's Skills Development Prize
  • The Timber Prize